KNX universal dimmer actuators of the FIX series from Theben
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Brochure on KNX home and building control

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On nearly 170 pages, you will find practical solution examples around KNX home and building control that are worth knowing.

Brochure: The best way to switch and dim LED lighting

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Dimming LEDs precisely: Theben KNX universal dimmer actuators of the FIX series

With the new FIX DM KNX, Theben presents a universal dimmer actuator for efficient lighting control in the realm of KNX building automation. Among others, dimmable LED lamps and energy saving lamps, can be controlled even more flexibly and precisely by using different dimming curves. 

The times of high wattages are over. Today, the art is in dimming LEDs with small wattages. Theben is keeping abreast of this trend and now offers a 4 x 200 W and an 8 x 200 W dimming actuator. This allows you to switch multiple LEDs with just one actuator. A highlight of the new KNX universal dimmer actuators are the dimming curves, stored in the KNX programming software ETS: they correct the dimming response depending on the lamp used, ensuring an infinitely variable control. Furthermore, new dimming curves can be easily imported. This offers high investment security, e.g. for future lamps.


Advantages of FIX1 and FIX2 KNX universal dimmer actuators at a glance:

  • Universally suited for all dimmable incandescent lamps, low-voltage/high-voltage halogen lamps, LED lamps and energy-saving lamps
  • Integrated, updateable dimming curves, infinitely variable control depending on the lamp
  • Four (DM 4-2 T KNX) or eight outputs (DM 8-2 T KNX)
  • Dimming output of 200 W/VA per channel, channel 1+2 and/or channel 3+4 can be operated in parallel (dimming output of 400 W/VA in parallel operation)
  • For R, L and C-load
  • LED switching status indicator for each channel
  • Automatic, deactivatable load detection



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