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The new theLeda P LED spotlights from Theben with motion detector: look better, are brighter and more intelligent

The new theLeda P LED spotlight from Theben supports a range of functions that is unrivalled at the current time: orientation light, dimming function, self-learning night switch-off and many more. The special design of the LED panels enables light to be emitted laterally, so that the area close to the wall is illuminated. The result is a much friendlier impression compared to conventional directional spotlights.


The requirements to be met by light are as wide and varied as the people who use it. With theLeda P, Theben is now able to offer an LED spotlight that can meet any and every requirement.


Overview of theLeda P functions:

  • Conventional motion detector function 
    The light comes on as soon as movement is registered inside the detection area and goes off after a defined period of time.
  • Orientation light for more safety
    A defined basic brightness of between 10% and 60% of full power lights up pathways and entrances once night starts to fall. When theLeda P registers movement, the LED spotlight will light up at full power (100%) before returning to the dimmed brightness setting once the preset time delay has elapsed.
  • Self-learning night switch-off
    Night switch-off switches the light off, constantly adapting to the varying times at which dusk and night fall during the course of the year.
  • Dimming function
    With the dimming function, the light comes on when dusk starts to fall and stays on through the night at the defined brightness setting.


Orientation light with LED-spotlight theLeda P

Orientation light: the defined basic brightness of theLeda P is the perfect setting. Whether you set the light to 30% for pleasant dimming, have the light on permanently or just switch it on at night is entirely up to you.




In the right light

It is the slight surges at the horizontal outer edges that lend the light panels of theLeda P their characteristic style and very special aura. As well as looking great, theLeda P is also efficient, as is evident in its energy efficiency class A+ and low standby consumption of just 0.4 W.




Illuminating – the advantages of theLeda P at a glance:

  • Bright aura
    The special design of the LED panel enables light to be emitted laterally, so that the area close to the wall is illuminated.
  • Rotating and swivelling LED panels
    The LED panels of theLeda P12 and P24 can be rotated and swivelled. theLeda P12 is ideal for facade lighting: the light panel can be rotated through 180  (prior to installation) in relation to the wall of the building.
  • High light output
    A lighting current of 900 lumens at a colour temperature of 4000 kelvin ensures high light output. 88 LEDs per panel and a high-tech diffuser stop this pleasantly consistent light field from blinding anyone.
  • Master/Master switching
    Intelligent parallel switching of two or more units enables you to enlarge the detection area according to your wishes and requirements.
  • Quick installation
    Socket, large terminal area and clearly labelled terminals make installation quick and straightforward. Thanks to the teach-in function and practical test function, settings can be made quickly too – either on the units or with the theSenda P remote control.
  • Adjustable detection area
    The sensitivity with which the motion detector sensors respond can be adjusted with the remote control. Covering clips can be used to partially restrict the detection area.






Technical data for theLeda P LED spotlights:

Versions with motion detector:


Versions without motion detector:


Accessories for theLeda P:

  • Spacer frames
    Spacer frames make installation easier in situations which require more room for laying cables. They are included in the scope of supply of all models.
  • Corner bracket 
    A corner bracket in white and one in aluminium are included in the scope of supply of theLeda P24 for corner installation in order to detect two wall areas.
  • theSenda P and S remote controls
    The theSenda P for service and theSenda S for users remote controls are available as optional extras.