Useful information about LEDs, KNX, motion and presence detectors
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Useful information about LEDs, KNX, motion and presence detectors

Knowledge is an advantage. We would like you to gain this advantage. Therefore, we condensed everything you need to know about several topics. In addition to hints for theory and planning, you will also find practical information for an easy installation and start-up at the construction site.

Presence detectors for energy-efficient lighting control

With the Theben presence detectors, you have every option for energy-efficient and intelligentlighting control. In addition to classic use for lighting control in offices, corridors and publicbuildings, you can also control heating and air-conditioning based on presence. This is how you save on energy costs and considerably reduce CO2 emissions. Presence detectors react to the slightest of movements and measure room brightness at the same time. If no more movement is detected, or an individually set brightness value is exceeded, the presence detector automatically switches off the light.

Presence detectors by Theben

Motion detectors for safe outdoor lighting

Light means security. A motion detector never leaves you in the dark and helps you cut energy costs at the same time, as lights do not stay on longer than absolutely necessary. The light comes on reliably when you do not have a free hand to operate the light switch. And, outdoor motion detectors also have an effect on uninvited guests outside: Which burglar wants to be put under the spotlight? This page contains some useful tips and advice on the selection, installation and set-up of motion detectors.

Motion detectors Theben

Clever automation: KNX home and building control from Theben

KNX has long been established as the global standard for home and building automation. Controlling room climate, lighting, and blinds – all these are classic KNX functions. KNX technology is suited for functional buildings as well as for private homes. However, KNX is far more than just an installation system. It is as versatile as life itself.

KNX offers the technical opportunities to make a building a Smart Home or Smart Building, to use energy efficiently, and to increase comfort and quality of life. What you can do with KNX, and how you use KNX optimally for yourself and your customers, you will learn here.

KNX from Theben

The best way to switch and dim LED lighting: LED compatible solutions from Theben

LED sales have grown rapidly over recent years. Thanks to the improvements in the degree of efficiency and colour rendering index, there is almost no area of lighting technologies where they are not present: as retrofit versions, they are a welcomed alternative to unpopular energy saving lamps. Being illuminated strips and surfaces, they snuggle against every surface and thus allow completely new possibilities for light design. Even the first high-performance devices such as stage and studio spotlights are already available as LED version.
However, not every bulb can be easily be replaced by an LED retrofit lamp. This may lead to some issues with existing installations, even with straight forward switching. The reason for this is the short but extremely high starting currents. They can be more than a thousand times the rated output. Contacts could burn-through or fuse as a result.

The best way to switch and dim LED lighting