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Get current news quickly - with Theben RSS-Feeds

Do you want the latest updates on KNX, presence detectors or time switches? Then with Theben RSS-Feeds you won’t miss any news, and you’ll always have the latest developments, clearly arranged on your computer. You can subscribe to RSS-Feeds easily and free of charge.

Just click on this link and subscribe to the Feeds!



What is a RSS-Feed?

A RSS-Feed is a direct news channel from Theben to you. Whenever we publish an article, it‘s sent via this channel. And you get a message in your email programme or browser. So you get all our articles, as in a subscription.


How to subscribe to a RSS-Feed

Check the browser with which you are reading this text, on its RSS suitability. Its “Help”- function should explain all basic steps. With most browsers, you can add RSS-Feeds to the bookmarks or favourites. If you open them, you get the latest news. RSS-Readers are by now integrated in all standard browsers:


Internet Explorer for Windows (up from version 7)

  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Mozilla Firefox


Or do you prefer to read RSS-Feeds with the help of your email programme? Many programmes contain a RSS-Reader which you can set up with the “Help”-function. The following email programmes are provided accordingly:

  • Microsoft Outlook for Windows (up from version 7)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Opera


How to read a RSS-Feed

Many browsers and email programmes can display RSS-Feeds additional to their standard functions, the display of web sites and sending of emails. You only have to subscribe to the Feeds in these programmes, and you get the news displayed there.


If you want to read your RSS-Feeds independently from your browser, you need an independent RSS-Feed. There are many of these programs on the internet. The advantage is that you can get current news without a browser.