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RAMSES 833 top2 HF Set 2


  • Radio-controlled system for room temperature control
  • Suitable for energy-saving room temperature control in houses, apartments, heating zones, offices, showrooms, factories, medical practices, holiday homes
  • Consisting of two RAMSES 833 top2 HF and a 2 channel REC 2 receiver with a two-way switch 6(2) A/250 VDC per channel
  • The system consists of one or two digital clock thermostat and one receiver
  • Required temperature set via the rotary dial
  • INFO key for viewing important settings
  • Quick start-up via 3 basic programs with individually changeable comfort and reduced temperature
  • Party/ECO program
  • Automatic summer/winter time adjustment
  • Different control types can be individually set
  • Optimum start option thanks to operating point and switching differential setting option
  • 24 programmable time phases per program also enable reduction phases during the day
  • Backlit display through keystroke
  • External input for connection of presence detectors, temperature sensors, floor sensors, window contacts or telephone remote switches (can only be used in connection with optional plug-in base for wall mounting)
  • Optimisation function for automatic correction of heating start up
  • Holiday program with reduction phase or date-controlled heating phase for holiday homes
  • Optional feature to warn when boiler maintenance required
  • Optional pump protection function
  • 3 comfort and 2 reduced temperatures can be allocated to each phase
  • Including base for free choice of position
  • An optionally available plug-in base is required for wall installation

Technical data

Operating voltage 2 AA batteries
Type of connection Radio controlled
Type of contact Changeover contact
Switching capacity

6 A (at 250 V AC, cos φ = 1), 1 A (at 250 V AC, cos φ = 0.6)

Switching capacity min. 1 mA
Setting range temperature +6 °C … +30 °C
Setting range frost protection +6 °C … +10 °C
Measuring range temperature +0 °C … +50 °C
Temperature display exactly 0.1 °C
Time basis Quartz
Program Weekly program, Daily program, Holiday program, 3 basic programs
Radio receiver DIN rail, 2 channels
Transmission frequency 868 MHz
Transmission power < 10 mW
Range approx. 20-30 m, in buildings depending on type of construction
Number of memory locations 42 , max. 24 per program
External inputs 1
Control types Pulse width modulation, Hysteresis controller
Control period 5 – 30 min
Control capture range 0,2 – 5 K
Control accuracy ≤ ± 0.2 K
Mode of operation Type 1 B as per EN 60730-1
Control types 2-point
Switching output Potential-free, not for SELV
Suitable for SELV Yes
Switching hysteresis 0,2 – 1 K
Time accuracy at 25 °C ≤ ± 1 s/day (quartz)
Power reserve Max. 10 mins without losing time
Stand-by consumption 2,2 W
Battery life approx. 1 year, depending on switching frequency
Installation type Wall installation
Width 5 modules
Type of protection IP 20
Protection class II according to EN 60 730-1

Connection example

RAMSES 833 top2 HF Set 2

Scale drawings

RAMSES 833 top2 HF Set 2


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RAMSES 833 top2 HF Set 2 - Radio-controlled system for room temperature control

RAMSES 833 top2 HF Set 2

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