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Theben room thermostats

A Theben room thermostat provides individual, time-dependent and energy-efficient heating control: Bathrooms should be warm and cosy in the morning, the temperature in the living room can be reduced by a couple of degrees via temperature reduction at night. A room thermostat gives the option of controlling underfloor heating, a heating pump or a traditional radiator. And whether you need a room thermostat fixed to the wall or flush-mounted or whether you would prefer a mechanical or an electronic room thermostat is up to you. An overview of mechanical and electronic room thermostats:

Theben mechanical room thermostats


  • Individual room controller
  • Manual switching for additional heating
  • Heating/cooling two-way switch
Theben electronic room thermostats


  • Individual room controller
  • Heating status display via LED
  • Switch for heating ON/OFF