compact passimo KNX SR


  • Presence detector (PIR)
  • Mixed light measurement
  • Rectangular detection area for storage areas with clear demarcation vertically below the presence detector
  • Two outputs light for controlling two lighting groups
  • Switching or constant light control
  • Choice of fully or semi automatic operation
  • Presence output for HVAC control with switch-on delay and switch-off delay
  • Room monitoring with selective movement detection
  • Integrated bus coupling
  • SendoPro 868-A service remote control (optional)
  • Clic user remote control (optional)
  • The switching behaviour of the presence detector is controlled by presence and light, or as required in switching or constant light control operation modes
  • In the "switching" operation mode, lighting switches on with darkness and presence and off with sufficient light or when nobody is present. In the "constant light control" operation mode the sensor controls the artificial light daylight-dependent on a constant lighting level
  • The self-learning switch-off delay time adjusts to occupants' behaviour
  • Fully or semi-automatic: In "Fully automatic" mode, the lighting switches on and off automatically according to presence and light In "Semi-automatic" mode, it must be switched on manually and it switches off automatically
  • Manual override: Lighting or dimming can be manually controlled at any time
  • The presence detector has a mixed light measurement and is suitable for controlling the following types of lamp: LED, ESL, fluorescent lamps (FL/PL), halogen and incandescent lamps
  • Presence output for HVAC control : Switching behaviour is only controlled by presence
  • The switch-on delay prevents instantaneous switch on. The presence output only switches after the delay is completed
  • The monitoring output works with reduced sensitivity and indicates the presence of persons with a high level of accuracy
  • The brightness output makes the light information available for visualisation purposes
  • Master/slave parallel switching: Several detectors can be connected with each other to increase the detection area. The master controls lighting and HVAC. All other detectors merely provide presence information as slaves
  • Master/master parallel switching: Several detectors can be connected with each other to control several lighting groups. Every master controls its lighting group according to its own brightness measurements. Presence is detected by all the detectors
  • Master or slave operating mode is selected via configuration
  • Test operation mode checks the detection area and configuration
  • A maximum of 10 detectors can be switched at the same time

Technical data

Operating voltage KNX Bus voltage, ca. 8 mA
Installation height 2 – 6 m
Setting range brightness 10 – 1500 lx
Detection angle 180°
Type of connection KNX bus terminal
Installation type Ceiling installation
Light switch-off delay  30 s-20 min
Lamps Incandescent/halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, Energy saving lamps, LEDs
Light measurement Mixed light measurement
Stand-by time light 0 s – 60 min
Presence switch-off delay 30 s-120 min
Switch-on delay presence 0 s – 30 min
Ambient temperature +0 °C … +50 °C
Colour Silver
Type of protection IP 40

Scale drawings

compact passimo KNX SR

Detection range

Mounting height (A) Head on to (r) Diagonally (t)
2 m 28 m² | 8 m x 3,5 m ± 1,5 m 28 m² | 8 m x 3,5 m ± 1,5 m
2,5 m 36 m² | 9 m x 4 m ± 1,5 m 44 m² | 11 m x 4 m ± 1,5 m
3 m 45 m² | 10 m x 4,5 m ± 1,5 m 68 m² | 15 m x 4,5 m ± 1,5 m
3,5 m 50 m² | 10 m x 5 m ± 1,5 m 75 m² | 15 m x 5 m ± 1,5 m
4 m 50 m² | 10 m x 5 m ± 2 m 75 m² | 15 m x 5 m ± 2 m
4,5 m 50 m² | 10 m x 5 m ± 2 m 75 m² | 15 m x 5 m ± 2 m
5 m 50 m² | 10 m x 5 m ± 2,5 m 75 m² | 15 m x 5 m ± 2,5 m
6 m 50 m² | 10 m x 5 m ± 2,5 m 75 m² | 15 m x 5 m ± 2,5 m
compact passimo KNX SR


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Surface frame compact SR - Presence detector surface frame

Surface frame compact SR

SendoPro 868-A - Infrared remote control for the convenient startup of HTS presence detectors

SendoPro 868-A

Ceiling installation box 73A - Ceiling installation unit for thePrema, theRonda, theMova P, PresenceLight 360, compact office,
                                 compact passage and compact passimo

Ceiling installation box 73A

clic - Infrared remote control for ThebenHTS presence sensors


QuickSafe - QuickSafe safety cover




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compact passimo KNX WH - Presence detector (PIR)

compact passimo KNX WH

compact passimo KNX BK - Presence detector (PIR)

compact passimo KNX BK

compact passimo KNX SR - Presence detector (PIR)

compact passimo KNX SR

  • Silver
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